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Colocation, Hosted Data Center and Disaster Recovery
The most common mistake we see companies making is collocating their data centers in a different buildings on the same campus or nearby in an offsite building; both being on the same phone and power grid.

Disaster recovery can keep you awake all night or you can find security in the options we can explore with you.  When you buy bandwidth, your looking for the best deal, but are you giving away those same savings by maintaining multiple switch rooms and server clusters.  It becomes a money pit as you spend a fortune on inefficient HVAC, power consumption, fire suppression and security.

Why not just rent rack space in our hardened and secure facilities that are riding on Gigabit backbones, in buildings designed for the job?

If you don't want the hassle of managing your systems we can do it for you, at any level of intervention your comfortable with.

We have secure, hardened sites in numerous locations that are monitored 24/7 and fully backed up to redundant sights, "off the grid."

If one site goes down it is mirrored to another with full power and commuications backup.
Self, full or  partial management is available.

Tell us what you are thinking about and we will provide a plan.

If self management is your intent, you can have full access to the facilities with your security cleareance.
Into the Clouds!
Similar to colocation, cloud computing can be an extremely cost effective way to build out data center capacity, without making any capital expenditures.

Benefits such as grabbing extra capacity during traffic spikes and only paying for what you used can be very attractive for seasonal businesses.

You pay as you go never hing to buy new hardware and with access to super computer resources that might otherwise not be affordable. 


Let us show you the benefits of both and let you decide which is your companies best fit.

Services are billed like a utility, weather U-space on a rack, or pay as you go usage of 3rd party hardware and bandwidth.