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Secure Fiber Communication Networks, LLC
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Secure Fiber Communication Networks, LLC
     An Everstream Carrier Services Partner 
Secure Fiber Communication Networks, LLC believes in your freedom to choose, which is what this country is all about.
There are 198 Internet Providers in Michigan, Everstream outshines them all.  Serving customer locations with Business Class/Enterprise Broadband, on secure HIPAA compliant, private networks; to include, QoS, CoS and SLA's .  We monitor your site from 2-Fully Staffed NOC's, proactively watching your connection and services; all day, everyday!

                                            When you request a quote, we will not waste your time.  

You will receive quotes from Everstream.  Everstream can actually deliver a Carrier Grade Product, "with High Availability and Service Level Agreements; at satisfactory prices to your door."   As broadband speed, capacity and delivery choices continue to expand; technologies like MPLS, DWDM, SONET and ROADM, bring you unmatched reliability, "at lower prices than ever before."  Everstream's Ciena Core offers ROADM technology to all of our enterprise users.

     Are your voice/data/Internet contracts coming up for renewal, let us find out what is available (deliverable) 
     at your specific location(s).

     We offer businesses with Internet, Data, Transport, Diversity, DR, COLO and Toll Quality Phone.      

     50 Mbps to 100Gig, we can provide on-net low latency service to your entire enterprise.

     Our average network latency is less than 5 milliseconds, approximately 90% less than other providers.

     Are old servers bringing risk to your businesses' continuity? We offer BaaS.

     Are you looking for a state-of-the-art Tier Level 3/4 Data Center - we have 32 on net.

     If your not happy with your current Internet Service Provider(s) or their prices, let us give you a free quote!

                     Saving money on these critical services requires choice and that is what we are all about.
Got Bandwidth?

100 Gbps
Cable has a max speed of hundreds of Megabits per second, while high-speed fiber networks reach more than 100 Gigabits per second.

Everstream has raised the bar for business connectivity, delivering a business-only fiber network with the speed, reliability, scale and performance that today’s enterprises demand. With more than 13,000 route miles of fiber and speeds up to 100 Gbps, Everstream’s enterprise-grade network delivers robust business fiber services. 

Everstream to Invest $300 Million throughout Midwest.
Everstream plans to build dense metro fiber networks in 12 markets; Specifically:
  • Columbus, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, and Northeast Ohio
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Lexington, Kentucky, and Louisville, Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We are proud to be an Everstream Partner!

11 Exabytes
Business internet traffic in the U.S. in 2021 is expected to reach 11 Exabytes per month, more than 3x the business internet traffic of 2016.

Latency 0.2 seconds
Just 150 milliseconds of latency — a delay of less than 2 tenths of second — can result in poor network performance.

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